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Benefits of a Youth program for the community

What is a Youth Development Program? Youth development programs hold the philosophy that developing abilities like resilience, self-awareness, resourcefulness, and other attributes help young child navigate into adolescence in healthy ways. There is a fundamental difference between youth development programs and various organized programs that may offer youth activities or strategies to prevent high-risk behaviors. […]

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Types of Sexual Assault: What You Need to Know

Types of Sexual Assault: What You Need to Know Sexual assault is any undesired sexual contact. Sexual violence occurs in every community and influences people of all spans. This form includes expressions and activities of a sexual nature against an individual’s will or, most times, without their consent. To commit sexual violence, a person may […]

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Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services

Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services Sexual assault is a crime motivated by a need to control, humiliate, and harm and typically not motivated by sexual desire.  About Sexual Assault The WFC Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) Program grants assistance to those who have gone through a sexual assault or are trying to cope with a past […]

Employment Training and Development Program

Open DOHR Provides job skills training to low-income individuals in CT

Open DOHR provides job skills training to low-income individuals in CT Low-income individuals often miss out on opportunities to acquire the necessary job skills because they often don’t have access to the necessary resources. Most low-income people struggle in the employment market for one or more of the following reasons: Encouraging low-income individuals to learn […]

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Employment Training and Development Programs: Overview and Benefits

Employment Training and Placement Program Hiring well trained employees has become a vital business strategy to creating a productive working environment.  Unfortunately, not everyone can get the training that they need to compete for the well-paying jobs. Development programs, like Open DOHR, focuses on getting its participants college degrees, vocational training and employment opportunities. What […]


Transitional living program| Transitional Housing for Homeless Youth – WFC

What is WFC’s Transitional Living Program? WFC’s Transitional Living Program provides interim housing to young adults that are homeless and have unstable housing conditions. WFC’s Transitional Living Program is not a short-term shelter or group home but a program that helps empower individuals to make choices and decisions in the best interest of their safety, well-being, and future. […]

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All you need to know About Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Programs in Connecticut

All you need to know About Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Programs in Connecticut Let us first begin b y understanding what sexual assault is in simple terms, “Sexual assault is a representation of action where a person deliberately and without the person’s consent sexually touches or coerce or suppresses a person to immerse in a […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why School needs Education Enrichment programs

Top 5 Reasons Why School needs Education Enrichment programs What is an enrichment program?  An enrichment program enables students to realize their potential in a variety of settings beyond the classroom. Through educational enrichment programs, students can develop a sense of self-awareness and understand their schoolwork better with enrichment programs that are in line with the school […]


Supportive housing units for homeless youth complete in Meriden

February 21, 2021 01:02AM By Michael Gagne, Record-Journal staff MERIDEN — The 12 fully furnished efficiency apartments on the second and third floors of the newly constructed WYSH House on Colony Street are now move-in ready. Wayne Valaitis, chief executive officer of the Women and Families Center, said the agency received its certificate of occupancy […]



EVENT DETAILS The purpose of this training is to become a certified Sexual Assault Volunteer Advocate for WFC. Volunteer training classes start Feb 1, 2021. Please register ahead of time with Nydia Roldan, [email protected] TIME All Day (Monday) EST