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How to Help the Open DOHR Program

Do you want to help a disadvantaged youth to start thinking about their career? Although a large part of our programs are grant funded, we need support from our community to through volunteers, guest speakers, and businesses to make our program continue to grow our future leaders, engineers, artists, and scientists.

WFC Open DOHR Program exists because we believe that every youth can live up to their full potential and can grow their skills for future success. We can bring in a variety of job opportunities and experiences for our youth through corporate charitable donations and individuals like you. If you are considering sharing your time or donating, please consider our program.


Business Leaders are always welcome to become a guest speaker for any of our programs and to discuss any job openings that they may have. Guest Speakers help the youth to navigate any barriers to getting into educational programs or employment opportunities. Below are some events that we would like to have business leaders for:

  • Mentorship of a youth
  • Job Fairs / onsite interviewing
  • Human Resource topics
  • Healthcare Human Resources
  • Personal Finance topics
  • Mental Health topics (stress management, anger management, etc.)

Of course, volunteers can also include non-business leaders that happen to have an expertise in these areas.

For our ESL Classes, we would like Literacy Volunteers that has either learned English as a second language or has expertise in this area.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer will need to go through the Volunteer application process. Please fill out the form below.


If you want to support WFC’s Open DOHR Programs through a donation, please consider donating any of the following for our programs. Ways that you can donate to our Open DOHR programs:

  • Sponsor an activity for the Family ESL Class
  • Sponsor a bus driver and transportation for any of our Open DOHR programs
  • Sponsor a student to help them get an Employment Preparation package ($50)
    • State Identification
    • Fingerprinting
  • Sponsor a student to learn to drive. They will have better job opportunities if they are able to drive to them.
    • Driving classes
    • Driver’s test
    • Driver License fees
    • We can help you to partner with a local driving school
  • Corporate / Business sponsorship of a certification training class to teach students the skills needed to be hired in the corporation’s industry.

Can’t make up your mind? Then you can always make a monetary donation. Monetary donations allow us to build better educational programs by creating enrichment programs as well as helping those who are not able to pay for transportation, career uniforms, etc. Help us to grow a young adult; one individual, one family, one community at a time.

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