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Enrollment Application
2023 – 2024

Women and Families Center Main Office
B&A School Program
169 Colony Street
Meriden, Ct 06451

(475) 775-4895 Director/Pulaski
(475) 775-4909 Hale
(475) 775-4903 Hanover
FAX (203) 237-7571

WFC Before & After School Approved Sliding Scale Rates Per Week

Effective 2023 – 2024

ProgramLevel1Level 2Level 3
*Tuition ExpressNon-Tuition Express*Tuition ExpressNon-Tuition Express*Tuition ExpressNon-Tuition Express
Before School$49.00$51.00$55.00$57.00$65.00$67.00
After School$61.00$65.00$67.00$71.00$77.00$81.00
Before & After School$92.00$96.00$103.00$109.00$118.00$124.00
Program Level 1
Before School$49.00$51.00
After School$61.00$65.00
Before & After School$92.00$96.00
Program Level 2
Before School$55.00$57.00
After School$67.00$71.00
Before & After School$103.00$109.00
Program Level 3
Before School$65.00$67.00
After School$77.00$81.00
Before & After School$118.00$124.00

*Tuition Express

Automatic Payment processing system allowing on time tuition and fee payments through a bank account or credit card authorization.

*Nathan Hale & Pulaski Sites

Level I tuition rates may be waived at 21st CCLC sites for families who qualify.

(21st Century Community Learning

Proof of income must be provided with application. Limited spaces available

**After School Extended Hours at Nathan Hale & Pulaski Only Monday-Thursday: 6:00pm. Friday: 5:30pm

*Late Fee:  $15.00 every 15 minutes, or part there of that a parent/guardian is late picking up a child

Non-Refundable application fee: $25.00 (PER CHILD)

Deposit is equal to 1 week of family’s weekly tuition rate

Families not eligible for financial assistance who have more than 1 child will receive a 10%
discount off each additional child’s weekly fee.

We require up to 5 business days after receiving completed application for processing.
Deposit payment as well as 1st week tuition must be paid prior to the child’s start date.
Deposit will remain on file and will be applied to last week of service

Illness Policy and Closings Information


Due to the close contact that children naturally have with one another, a sick child can easily
infect others. To keep the children as healthy as possible, WFC follows state of Connecticut health
guidelines. Please refer to these guidelines when your child becomes ill.

  • FEVER: a child may return to the program when his or her temperature has been normal for 24 hours without medication. A fever is a temperature of 100.5 by mouth or 99.5 taken under the arm.
  • NASAL DISCHARGE: if a child has yellow/green in color nasal discharge (even if no fever present) they should see a doctor and may return to the program with doctor’s clearance.
  • CONJUNCTIVITIS (PINK EYE): the child may return to the program after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment
  • VOMITING: child may return to the program 24 hours after the last episode without medication
  • DIARRHEA: the child may return to the program 24 hours after the last episode without medication
  • SCABIES: the child may return with written permission from the doctor
  • HEAD LICE: the child may return after treatment and no visible signs of nits are present
  • IMPETIGO, COLDSORES, RASHES, RING WORM, ETC: the child may return with written
  • CHICKEN POX: the child may return to the program 7-14 days after their initial outbreak, all pox must be

In the event that your child becomes ill at the program, parents/guardians will be contacted and must make arrangements to have that child picked up within 1 hour from the time of contact.

If your child is too sick to participate in the program, please do not send them. We are unable to
provide the extra staffing to accommodate such requests. Please remember that your child MUST be 24 hours free of illness before he/she will be permitted back to the program. WFC reserves the right to deny care to visibly ill children or children that have not been out for the required amount of time.




WTIC-1080 AM and 96.5 FM
WMMW 1470 AM (Spanish)
WKCI 101.3 FM
WKSS 95.7 FM
WWYZ 92.5 FM
WDRC 102.9 FM and 1360 AM

WFC site managers will also send Alerts via Bloomz with specific weather-related closures, delays, or early releases.

Program Closings

Sept. 4 – Labor Day

Oct. 6 – Professional Development Day

Oct. 9 – Columbus Day

Oct. 16-18 – ½ days No PM Program

Nov. 7 – Election Day

Nov. 10 – Veterans Day

Nov. 22 – ½ days No PM Program

Nov. 23-24 – Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 22 – ½ days No PM Program

Dec. 25-Jan.1– Holiday Recess

Jan. 15 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan. 22-24 – ½ days No PM Program

Feb. 19-20- Winter Vacation

Mar. 29 – Good Friday

Apr. 8-12 – Spring Vacation

Apr. 11-15- Spring Vacation

May. 27 – Memorial Day

June 10 – ½ day No PM Program (projected Last day of School)

**Reminder parents/guardians are obligated to pay the weekly fees regardless of
time missed due to these holidays, as well as any weather closings or dismissals,
illnesses, personal vacations, and early departures.

The following days you will not be charged weekly fees:
Holiday Recess
Spring Vacation

Main Office: 169 Colony Street Meriden Connecticut 06451-3283 Phone: 203.235.9297 ext. 130 Fax: 203.237.7571