Employment Training and Development Program

Open DOHR Provides job skills training to low-income individuals in CT

Open DOHR provides job skills training to
low-income individuals in CT

Low-income individuals often miss out on opportunities to acquire the necessary job skills because they often don’t have access to the necessary resources. Most low-income people struggle in the employment market for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They lack job readiness and either basic knowledge, or technical skills to perform the job.
  • They face barriers such as modes of transportation or lack of childcare that interfere with their ability to work. 
  • They have trouble finding and connecting with business who need help because of limited skills in searching for and applying for jobs.

Encouraging low-income individuals to learn job skills helps bridge the gap from low-income to more meaningful employment opportunities in CT. Providing career development opportunities through Open DOHR Program is the main objective to ensure low-income families can find the opportunities available to them.

What is WFC’s Open DOHR Program?

WFC’s Open DOHR Program helps unemployed or underemployed people lacking the necessary skills to compete and find employment opportunities in CT and the job market. Open DOHR uses a program that focuses on the improvement of the person as a whole. Members of the program can develop skills and self-confidence while pursuing their career goals. Open DOHR helps young adult youth in Meriden, CT, aged 18 to 24, and adults who want to learn English. WFC aims to empower low-income youth/adults to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency by breaking down the barriers to education and employment.

Open DOHR Employment and Training Programs Help People Aged 18-24 Years To:

  • Get their first job
  • Get the training they need to improve your skills
  • Get a more reliable job


  • RISE Programs in the Meriden School District
  • RISE In-School Youth (High School seniors)
  • RISE Afterschool Program (Grades 9-12)
  • English for the Workplace (Adult ESL)

All services and programs are free to participants who meet the eligibility guidelines.

How Does Learning Job Skills Help Low-Income People?

  1. Employment Preparation and Occupational Skill: 
    Learning Job Skills help individuals who have either limited work experience or no job skills. Learning job skills is especially beneficial for unemployed or underemployed employees to gain employment opportunities in CT or enhance skills and credentials needed to succeed in the workplace. 
  2. Helps Enhance Workplace Education: 
    Most programs offer opportunities to improve job skills provide on-site customized training, instructions, and retraining services to meet the different workforce requirements of employers.
  3. Offers Comprehensive Support Services To Facilitate Success: 
    In addition to educational training services and learning job skills, Open DOHR helps participants with employment opportunities with comprehensive support services that help participants succeed in the workforce and life. 
  4. Offers Occupational Training Services for Individuals:
    WFC’s Open DOHR Program provides credentialed job training in various industries through local partnerships and businesses. Eligible teenagers and adults can access one or more of the following:
    • Adult Basic Educational Skills Development
    • Digital Literacy
    • Occupational Skills Training

How WFC’s Open DOHR Program Helps CT Businesses And Families?

WFC’s Open DOHR Program prepares young adults for the requirements of today’s business industry. As more and more jobs are getting more demanding, most youths are being left behind due to a lack of skills to even compete with available employment opportunities in CT. To fill this gap, WFC’s Open DOHR helps its participants to get better-paying jobs; this is beneficial for their families and provides long-term value to the individual.

WFC’s Open DOHR program promotes local businesses and, in particular, manufacturing organizations that often find it challenging to retain skilled labor. WFC collaborates with such companies to find the appropriate applicant for the open positions or devise a custom program to qualify students to be the succeeding generation of skillful labor artisans. When WFC focuses on building up our undeserved youth with better opportunities and pay, then everyone benefits as a community.

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