How Can Employment Training Increase Opportunities?

How Can Employment Training Increase Opportunities?

Even with all of the opportunities in the world today, many adults are still at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a good job they like and want to excel at. WFC’s Open DOHR programs offer employment training that will provide life skills as well as job training that will give them the confidence they need to thrive.

How Can Employment Training Increase Opportunities?

The program provides occupational skills training and follow-up services to help in career advancement and job retention. Employment training focuses on improving the working conditions for generations to come by collaborating with local businesses and the community.

Workplace environments are structured and requires a higher level of concentration than previous generations. Employment training programs offer adults the skills and abilities they will need to thrive in today’s workplace environment. Local businesses work with WFC to promote job openings that they have and provide new opportunities to people to participate in employment training programs.

What Type of Employment Training Opportunities are Available?

Employment training takes many forms. Participants are taught a variety of skills that will guide them toward getting the type of work they want as well as being able to compete for the types of jobs they qualify for. Many are able to apply for certifications or earn the degrees they need to seek employment in their chosen career field. We give them the encouragement they need to be confident in their abilities and motivated to pursue their personal and professional goals.

Employment training opportunities include degrees and certifications at a local college as well as skills training programs with local businesses. These training programs help adults attain the knowledge and skills to qualify for higher paying jobs. With the training opportunities, the community gets to develop as a whole by supporting the next generation of workers.

WFC’s Open DOHR programs work with manufacturing companies to train and hire skilled labor. The manufacturing companies can identify the right candidate for the vacancy through WFC. The companies also offer customized programs for training participants for the next generation of manufacturing skilled laborers.

How Do These Programs Benefit the Community?

When the adults of your community are educated, then the community is creating a valuable resource for local businesses and future leaders of that community. By supporting employee training programs like WFC’s Open DOHR, the community is improving the lives of locals instead of searching for employees outside of the community. This benefits every member of the community and improves the economy on many levels.

What are the Benefits of The WFC’s Open DOHR Program?

The WFC’s Open DOHR program works with under-employed and unemployed members of the community, helping them focus on their entire person. It provides them with the necessary skills allowing them to compete in the current job market. The program takes a comprehensive approach, participants are given the encouragement they need to explore new opportunities. As they begin to gain confidence, they can work with local businesses to begin to earn the experience they will need to continue to move forward in the career field of their choice.

Open DOHR programs work with people in Central Connecticut with a comprehensive employee training program. Members of the community can take part in the program to learn skills that will serve them well into the rest of their life. It also aims to eliminate education and employment barriers for under-served adults to sustain self-sufficiency. As a result, the program empowers low-income citizens to develop a sense of independence through the following free programs if you’re eligible:

  • Open DOHR Career & Certification Programs
  • English for the Workplace (Adult ESL) for adults

The WFC’s Open DOHR program fills the gap of the people left behind by providing opportunities to meet today’s career demands. As jobs become more demanding, some adults are left out since they lack the required qualifications. However, with WFC’s Open DOHR programs, the gap is reduced through better-paying jobs for such individuals. WFC’s focus on better pay and opportunities for the participants results in an elevated community as the next generation gets better skilled and better jobs.