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How WFC’s Before and After School Program Helps Meriden Families

How WFC’s Before and After School Program Helps Meriden Families

Contrary to popular belief, before and after-school programs greatly differ from program to program. After-school learning programs can be either more education related or more like a daycare where they are just monitoring the kids like a babysitter would.  If you are looking for a program that will support your kid’s cognitive, emotional, social, and academic development, then look no further than WFC’s after-school learning programs for children in the Meriden’s School District servicing Nathan Hale, Casimir Pulaski and Hanover Elementary Schools which accommodate children kindergarten to 5th grade.

How WFC’s Before and After School Program Helps Meriden Families

After-school learning programs can help the CT families in ways that benefit the children, the parents and the community. Kids spend many hours before and after school unsupervised because of the difference between the school and the parent’s work schedules. Kids before and after school programs offer a safe haven where children can acquire positive academic and life skills as well as give the parents a peace of mind that their children are safe.

When kids learn to in a positive environment with certified tutors, then they get the right level of help with their homework, pick up positive social skills while interacting with other children and get an effective academic foundation for future success.

How Does the Program Benefit the Children and the Community?

The best after-school programs can positively impact almost all areas of your child’s life as well as be a positive long-term effect on the community.  Children can grow and learn lifelong skills including academic, social, cognitive, and emotional.  The ultimate goal of our before and after-school programs is to enable the family as well as the child to prosperous which in turns helps the community.

Kids who enroll with WFC not only get additional tutorage and homework help from tutors with solid professional backgrounds, but the program also targets the kids’ behavioral and social skills, reducing risky behaviors which will help them in later life.

WFC’s Before and After School Program Details

You can expect the following from the WFC program:

  • Qualified tutors’ supervision
  • High-quality recreational and enrichment activities in line with the national education standards
  • Specially tailored curriculum that is coordinated with the school to cement and build on what your kid learned in the classroom
  • Help with homework

How Does WFC’s Before and After School Program Work

The program is affordable to all households, no matter the income level. It is designed to complement and support the school curriculum and offer homework support for kids who need it. Additionally, your child gets an opportunity to develop their mind and other skills in a fun and effective way.

Other benefits include in-house field trips, enrichment activities, special guest speakers from the community, talent nurturing, and the creation of long-lasting friendships.

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At WFC, we offer one of the best after-school programs for children kindergarten to 5th grade and for any income level. Your kids get their academic, emotional, social, and life skills enriched while you are at work or working from home. Don’t worry. We got your back.