Breaking the Silence on Sexual Assaults on Men

Sexual assault is a grave problem that can occur to anyone, regardless of age, orientation, or gender identity. Although talks about sexual assault usually center on women as the victims, it is important to draw attention to men as sexual assault victims.

Why Is It Important to Be Aware of This Issue?

Principally, it dispels the notion that sexual assault solely affects women, as men can be sexually assaulted too. According to RAINN, 3% of men are victims of attempted or completed rape.

Awareness emphasizes the significance of inclusivity when talking about this sensitive topic. Gaining awareness can help you identify the potential signs of sexual assault and respond before it happens.

Moreover, it helps you identify men who have been sexually assaulted and the step-by-step measures you can take to overcome the event.

The Common Silence of These Experiences – Men Don’t Talk About It or Report It

One major problem with male sexual assault is the widespread silence and underreporting of such incidences.

Male sexually assaulted victims are usually reluctant to speak up, due to their gender beliefs, education level, or fear of stigmatization.

By bringing attention to the issue, providing resources, support programs, and enacting laws that provide consequences to perpetrators, more men can gain the courage to seek help, reducing the stigma associated with sexual assault on men.

What to Do if You Have Experienced This Kind of Aggression?

First, remember that it’s not your fault if you have been a victim of sexual assault. Responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrator, regardless of circumstances or opinions.

It helps to talk to a trustworthy friend or family member. Afterwards, seeking a counselor or other support centers, such as WFC’s Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) program, can be of great help in providing emotional support and overcome the effects from the incident.

If you are not the victim, help the survivor get the support they need and encourage them to get through it.

What Does WFC’s Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) Program Do?

The WFC’s Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) Program is a great resource for male sexual assault survivors. It provides various services, including counseling, support groups, legal advocacy, and introduces them to other useful community resources.

These services can greatly help victims heal, reclaim their lives, and guide them through the challenging recovery process.

Proving a Safe Space

Although rare, male sexual assault does happen and can have devastating effects on victims. One way to help them overcome assault is sending them to the WFC’s Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) program.

The program provides a safe space and extensive support for male sexual assault survivors. We provide them with confidential services.

We can help survivors heal and recover by breaking the silence, and educating them about their rights.