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2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

Tuition payments for each week are due on the Friday before the week of service. An automatic $5 late fee will be charged to your account each week the tuition is not paid in full by the due date.

  • At the time of registration, parents are responsible to pay a Non-refundable $30 Application Fee for each enrolled child.
  • Deposit payment is due after application is processed.  It will remain on file in your account and will be applied to the last week of service.
  • The 1st Week Tuition Payment can be paid at the same time you make your deposit payment, but no later than one week before your child’s start date.
  • Written notice must be given at least one week prior to withdrawal in order to discontinue auto billing.
  • It is WFC’s policy that children may be required to be withdrawn from the program when tuition is more than two weeks in arrears.
  • There will be a $30.00 late payment fee charged for all checks/ACH payments returned to us unpaid from the bank. Credit Card/Debit Card declines through Tuition Express will also be subject to a $30.00 return fee.

The WFC offers a sliding scale for fees based on family’s gross weekly income.  Copies of 3 current pay stubs are required to determine tuition rate.

  • Parents/Guardians are obligated to pay the weekly fee, regardless of time missed due to holidays, weather closings, illness, personal vacations, early departures or early closings. 

After missing a payment, a parent will receive notification that their child cannot attend the program until payment is received for the week of service. After two missed payments parents/guardians will receive a notice stating that their child can not return until the balance is paid and tuition fees are current.  The child will not be accepted back into the program until the past due amount is paid, provided we have a space available.

If a parent/guardian receives Child Care assistance from a third party payer (i.e. Care-4-Kids, DCF), paperwork must be submitted before the child starts.  Parents/Guardians are required to make payment arrangements until a Child Care Certificate­­ or recertification Certificate has been received.  If a recertification certificate is not received by the expiration date of the previous certificate, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to pay full tuition until recertification is received.  After receiving a certificate, parents/guardians are responsible for paying their parent share payments according to the above stated policy. Families applying for Care 4 Kids (CCAP) must deliver their application and required documents to the Program Manager within two (2) weeks of enrollment.  If you need assistance in filling out the application the Program Manager will be glad to help.  If there are any changes in your Care-4-Kids status, income, family size or child care payments for other children in the household, please notify the Program Manager immediately.  This could affect your rate.  Families which have Care-4-Kids will not pay more than our weekly rate, but may have to pay more than the family share listed on their certificate.  We will calculate your rate on a sliding scale.  Care-4-Kids pays only for your work hours that match your child care hours.

For your convenience, the Director of Education is available to explain our policies and these procedures

  • Provide you a copy of your fee determination and explain how your family’s contribution was determined.
  • How fees are assessed.
  • How income, family size, DSS cash assistance status and any other eligibility factors are determined and verified.
  • How confidentiality is maintained.
  • Procedures for failing to pay, loss of a job, or appealing a fee determination.

I have read the above policy and agree to the terms for payment of tuition.

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